Friday, January 29, 2010

Vintage Derby Photos

1952, Championship Heat

In my other role as Dad I've become more invloved with the Soap Box Derby. Along with the amazing Lydia Hess we've been working on producing new marketing material for the Salem Soap Box Derby Association, new website, etc.. I had seen scrapbooks that belong to the club before and tracked down Steve Brandt, a former race Champ and Race Director, as well as Dad to two racer / Champs, who keeps the books. Steve gave me permission to bring some home to scan for the website and I have only scratched the surface. Some of the images are amazing, at least I think so, but maybe that's because of my enthusiasm for the Derby. One of the things that I think is particularly cool is seeing these images from 50 - 60 years ago on the same race track my kids race on. Here's a couple more:

1963, Finish Line


Check out the Salem SBD website here:

BTW, This is a super cool thing to get kids involved in. If you are interested in more info get in touch.

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