Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Blog Sucks

Okay I admit it. I really have been calling it in and not putting forth the effort to make this worth reading. And to be honest I've been just a tad lost in regards to improving it.

But the thought occurred to me that perhaps I could spice things up by telling a few stories about some of the more, ahem, interesting shoots I've been fortunate to be assigned over the years. I mean this IS a glamour profession after all.

So why not start at the beginning. Way back in 1985, I was living in Dallas Texas trying to get started working as a magazine photographer. I went down to Austin and met with Fred Woodward at Texas Monthly and showed what no doubt was the thoroughly forgettable portfolio I had at the time. He didn't have much to say about it but on leaving I gave him a copy of a small self published book I had produced a few years prior, called Atget's Gardens. The book consisted of pictures I had made at Versailles one afternoon under the influence of cheap red wine and the notion I was walking in Atget's footsteps. Here's a couple sample pictures:

Well what do you know but Fred really liked the little book and damned if he didn't call me for an assignment a couple weeks later. My first big time magazine assignment. And for a heavy weight art director as well.

The assignment was to photograph the car pound. The place your car goes when it gets towed. I shot 22 rolls of tri-x (that's black and white film for any youngens that might be reading). Here's the image that was published:

After that it was off to the races. My next gig was shooting the dog catcher:

Over the next 4 years I shot a number of assignments for Texas Monthly for Fred, Nancy McMillan, Kathy Marcus and DJ Stout. I can't begin to tell you how fortunate I was to land those first gigs, as they opened doors for me in NY and elsewhere down the road. But the first was still the best. Thanks again Fred.

BTW, I still have copies of Atget's Gardens for sale. 5 bucks.

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