Tuesday, January 22, 2008

shot a rockstar today

I shot a rockstar for Rolling Stone today, Stephen Malkmus

Stephen used to play with Pavement and started his own band a while back. Cool guy although he was a bit stressed as his baby girl wasn't feeling well and when your baby isn't feeling well nobody feels well.
Funny thing was when we arrived at his house I realized I had been there before, a dinner party with friends who used to own the house. Other funny thing was my assistant Chris had once played softball against Stephen. Portland is such a small town sometimes, one of many reasons I love it.

Oh yeah, I also shot film for the first time in ages. I miss my Mamiya.

Portland is not known for it's celebrities but seems to have become home to a number of bands and musicians. Over the past year I've shot The Shins

and Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse

No real point to the story other than I just wanted to post the pictures.

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