Friday, June 5, 2009

Dave Makes Killer bread

Dave Dahl's story has received a fair amount of attention locally and now it's gone national with this feature in Inc. written by my friend and many time collaborator Bill Donahue. He's a three times convicted (Dave, not Bill), former meth dealer / addict who, with the help of his brother Glenn, has jump started a new life for himself baking amazing healthy bread.


Susan said...

Hi Robbie! I just ran across Dave's Killer Bread on a shoot and here he is! Great portrait, as usual. You rock.

max said...

awesome, robbie. every time i see someone baking bread for a living i entertain fleeting thoughts of doing the same thing myself. my bread is pretty good (and my pizza dough is amazing) but it would require a lot of work before someone should be paying for it.